We are now seeking candidate applications who will stand in the local council elections in May 2020.

What is expected:
  • It is expected for you to live in the ward.

  • You must be Proud of your community.

  • You want your ward to be a better place for all.

  • You love and care about the future of your ward.



  1. Proud of Alexandra

  2. Proud of Chadderton Central

  3. Proud of Chadderton North

  4. Proud of Chadderton South

  5. Proud of Coldhurst

  6. Proud of Crompton

  7. Proud of Failsworth East

  8. Proud of Failsworth West

  9. Proud of Hollinwood

  10. Proud of Medlock Vale

  11. Proud of Royton North

  12. Proud of Royton South

  13. Proud of Saddleworth North

  14. Proud of Saddleworth South

  15. Proud of Saddleworth West and Lees

  16. Proud of Shaw

  17. Proud of St James

  18. Proud of St Mary's

  19. Proud of Waterhead

  20. Proud of Werneth

If you want a Council that listens to the people and is for the people, and believe that what makes

Oldham, Saddleworth and Royton

are it’s people, it’s time now to stand up and make a difference.

To apply, please e-mail paul.angela@stevos59.plus.com

Introduce yourself, together we can make a real difference to our beleaguered town