• Paul Errock

It has been far too long

For far too long we have been represented by those who seek to use our town and our people for the benefit of a Westminster elite.

What happens to us is of no consequence to them. Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and even the Brexit Party, they are all the same.

And as each year passes and another politician betrays our town and the people that live here so too does our contempt grow towards them.

Each election, more of us are refusing to vote, refusing to be manipulated, refusing to be failed. We would rather not vote than vote for someone we know will fail us.

And as more of us turn our backs on democracy, instead of becoming weaker, the painful truth is that these betrayers of our people actually grow more powerful.

My name is Paul Errock. I was born here. When I die, I will be buried here. I live here. I work here. I have made my life here. I am proud of my people and have nothing but love for my town.

In 1983 I founded Marshall Errock Construction. We proudly hire local people and from humble beginnings we are now a multi million pound company operating across the country.

I love Oldham and Saddleworth. The people are in my DNA. I care deeply what is happening to our town and countryside.

I despair that our politicians care more about their careers than our communities.

They claim to be democrats yet when we voted for Brexit, instead of representing us they took us for fools, thinking they know better.

They remain silent whilst our children are abused. Mocking us as we seek justice they celebrate the censoring of our voices.

They sit on their hands as our electoral system is corrupted, where elections are won before polling day comes as thousands of postal votes are delivered by cartels and communities that they fund at the expense of others.

Dividing us, they have turned our once proud democracy into something comparable to a South American banana republic.

It does not matter that they are a million times more powerful than we are.

It does not matter that they have access to millions of pounds to finance their campaigns.

It does not even matter that they ridicule our belief that we, the people of our town, are capable of representing ourselves.

Nothing what they think matters.

This is our town.

These are our people.

Win or lose, we will stand against them and everything they have done to us, It is past time to once again be proud of who we are. Vote for one of your own.

Vote for Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth